How To Steam

Steaming is a simple, timesaving and cooler alternative to ironing, if you only know how to. We'll teach you – it'll be fun! This easily digested guide is ideal for beginners, but even the experienced person might find some tips useful.

Before. And after!

Left: A newly washed and unsteamed t-shirt. And to the right: Tadaa! A smooth, crisp and soft t-shirt ready to be worn.


Fill up the water tank and plug in the steamer

Using tap water is of course fine as long as you have soft water. If you live in an area with hard (calcareous) water, we recommend that you use Steam Water.


Grab the bottom of the garment and gently stretch out the fabric


Push the button and press the mouthpiece of the steamer against the fabric

Move the steamer in any direction. Upwards, downwards or to the sides, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you press the steamer against the fabric.


Try steaming from the inside of the garment

This is an effective technique for removing creases on shirts, blouses, t-shirts and similar garments.


Use the heat protecting glove/bag

Wear the heat protecting glove/bag to remove the wrinkles on the bottom of the garment. When the bag is on your hand, you can press the fabric between your hand and the steamer. It won’t burn (but it might get a little sweaty after a while).


Wear the glove to press shirt collars, cuffs and other details

The glove is also useful for when you want to remove creases on collars, cuffs and other sewn details on shirts.


Steam horizontally

You can also steam garments horizontally. For instance on a table (place a towel underneath) or on your bed. Perfect for example creasing pants.

Easy peasy!!
And one final tip, dare to be lazy. Steam only the collars, cuffs and the bottom of the shirt if you’re going to wear it under a cardigan.