How to tie - ADF

Tie your bandeau the original way

Style your bandeau this beautiful and elegant way. Tie it so that the ends are hidden under the headband. Voilá ready to start your day!

Or try one of the variations

So, you probably tried The Original way to tie your headband. Are you ready for some fun stuff? There are so many ways to style your wired bandeau! For everyone there is a style that will fit. Check out our video’s for some styling tips and please let us know your favourite way to style your Atelier des Femmes item if it’s not listed below. We love see you in Atelier des Femmes.

The easy original

Start easy. It’s not hard to look good every day. Flip your hair, put the middle of your bandeau in your neck and make a twist with the ends of the bandeau on top of your head. Easy as that! Start your day looking beautiful!

The bun

A pretty knot is never out of style! Wear it on top of your head or a little lower in your neck. Twist your wired Atelier des Femmes bandeau around your knot to finish off your outfit like a Parisienne.

The turban

You can rock this look! Will you go for a colourful bandeau to create a look like you just walked down the beach of Ibiza… Or will you pair a our dark green velvet bandeau with a nice pair of gold earrings to create a chic look with a vibe from the 20’s.

The bag essential

Is your bag in need of an upgrade? Twist your bandeau around the strap of your bag to make it look instant more fun!

The scarf

Why not wear your beautiful bandeau as a scarf? Play around with how you like to style it. Have you tried to make a little bow?

The rose

Who doesn’t like roses! In for something different and playful? You can tie your bandeau like a rose, just by twisting the ends around each other.