Body Brush 54902
Body Brush 54902

Marc Inbane

Body Brush 54902

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The MARC INBANE Body Brush is designed for professional application of our tanning products (spray and mousse) resulting in a perfect and streak-free finish, while the hands remain free of self-tanner. The hand-made Body Brush is ergonomically shaped for easy tanning of all body contours.  

The extra soft synthetic bristles are packed tightly so the tanning product remains on top of the bristles, rather than absorbing it, ensuring a more even distribution onto the skin.  

Tanning Tip: tan ankles, hands and feet at the end and use the tanning residue on the Brush for the most natural result of these body parts. 

Cleaning tip: avoid applying excessive water to the roots of the bristles at the handle to prevent the bristles to come off. Always let the brush dry upside down after cleaning.