Lior Chain Earring 90103 Silver
Lior Chain Earring 90103 Silver

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Lior Chain Earring 90103 Silver

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It’s time to spice up your jewelry stash! Our Lior Chain Earring can be worn in multiways. You can attach the little chain to the back but if you have a helix you can also attach it to your helix for an extra cool effect.

Materials: The ring is made of 100% silver
How to take care of this product
Here are some advices to keep your products beautiful as long as possible. We would advise to not wear this product when you will go swimming or showering. When you’re not wearing the product, we would recommend to put it away in a dark room, where it can't get any damp from showering. So, do not store it in the bathroom.
The product is made of 100% silver and can get black or it may discolor when you not wear it. When this happens, you can polish the products with a silver polish wipe or you can make them beautiful silver again by putting them in a silver polish bath.